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Design that complements concentration. Whether you need a dedicated fortress or a casual workspace, our bespoke home offices are made to be shown off or hidden from sight.

Home Office features

Made to measure

No space is too awkward or unusual. We’ll ensure your home office fit in spaces with awkward angles or sloping ceilings.

Made to hide

Through the use of pocket doors and fold-away table tops, our home offices are able to be hidden when the work day finally finishes

LED lighting

Our integrated lighting provides illumination exactly where you need it, presenting an elegant touch or a practical solution.

Integrated storage

Storage is usually the #1 necessity when planning a home office. Luckily, with our home offices, you’ll have storage space coming out of your ears.

Colours & finishes

Carefully thought-out colours and finishes can transform your space. We’ll work closely in collaboration with you to get this just right.

Innovative features

What’s the point in getting a new home office if it doesn’t have a few tricks under its sleeve? From mechanical hinges to slide and hide doors.

Limitless Customisability

Our home offices have more colours and surface finishes than you can shake a stick at. Our designers will listen to your tastes and preferences whilst taking the time to understand how your new home office will complement the rest of your house.

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Step into our showroom, a captivating space designed to show our quality, design standards and the wealth of choice available to you. Free design appointments are available.

Lincoln Showroom

GMO Interiors Unit 19, Cedar Parc, Lincoln Road Doddington LN6 4RR

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