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next125 is Schüller’s premium collection. Manufactured using only the highest quality materials and individually tailored to each customer. Merging style with sustainability, both natural and industrial finishes combine to create truly show-stopping kitchens.

next125 Features

Cooking table

The free-standing statement at the heart of the kitchen: the award-winning cooking table from next125. Its inclined legs create a purist eye-catcher and elegant workstation.

Anti finger print

Next125 surfaces have a special Anti Finger Print finish, significantly reducing annoying fingermarks, making it easier to keep surfaces looking their best at all times.

Floating kitchen

The idea of floating impressed a wide variety of juries, winning multiple awards. next125 wall-mounted units open up new design horizons and unprecedented freedom.

Flex-box system

These tailored and practical boxes of real wood can be stacked, moved and combined to accommodate every last item, no matter how small.


The Tip-On mechanism guarantees a kitchen world without handles or grip ledges. A light press of the hand, knee or toe is sufficient to open anything.

Cube panel system

Kitchen roll for wiping up – right there. Vegetable knife in the knife block – ready and waiting. You can even have a panel garden with integrated lighting for fresh herbs.

next125 pocket system

Open, close, open, close, open, close, . . . the pocket system turns the furniture into an artist of transformation. The new system with retractable doors can be used as a fully functional pantry, as a space for your kitchen appliances, or as an elegant bar (everyone’s favourite).

next125 frame

The frame design combines flexible organisation, perfect ergonomics and effective lighting to create a unique, holistic kitchen experience. It is the perfect choice when looking for variability, with six organisational elements available for a truly customised combination.

Authentic materials

The natural appeal of warm wood veneers, the interplay of textures of fine ceramic or the cool elegance of glass that seems to magically attract the light: each surface has its own charm, conveys its own feel and gives its own answer to technical and quality requirements, such as robustness and durability.


Transparent and at the same time hard and robust. What‘s more, glass has a unique surface with a precious matter shimmer instead of strongly contrasting light reflexes. It all appears a little quieter and more subdued.


Delicate, more delicate, SensiQ. The special laminate has a special surface that combines a velvety, warm feel with practical anti-fingerprint properties. Unappealing fingerprints, as well as the cleaning effort, are reduced to a minimum.


Lighter than aluminium and harder than natural stone. Ideal for use in kitchens, foods can be hygienically processed directly on the surface. This attractive material can be variously coloured and finished with textures that are interesting to touch.


The original charm of a kitchen, the feeling of coming home, the sense of refuge and the scent of tasty meals – the best place to experience all this is in a kitchen with fronts of genuine wood which has been naturally and sustainably converted to veneer.

economics does not work without ecology.

A key focus throughout the Schüller production and supply chain is on protecting nature and maintaining an ecological balance. As an environmentally-aware, nature-loving manufacturer, reducing CO2 emissions is a matter that is very close to Schüller’s heart. The company has been awarded the highest level of “Climate Neutral Furniture Manufacturer”.

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